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3C'z Caribbean Catering & Cuisine

 Profesional event caterers, Available for local & national catering.

We offer meals served with rice & peas, plain rice chips & More

We also have specials such as sticky BBQ chicken wings, Jerk Salmon, & traditional favourites like Curry Muton, Curry Chicken & Ackee & Saltfish.

All products are made from age old family traditional recipies with a few favourites like coconut sponge cake & Mum'z RUM Sponge & custard just like you remember it used to taste!

We produce our own Homemade Caribbean Patties ( Chicken, Mutton, Curried Veg & More)

All our Cakes, Coleslaw & Food Products are homemade not purchased.  

So why not come and find us in hockley for the best caribben

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Call us on 07415 868801 or Email us at info@3cz.co.uk ( NEW LAND LINE COMMING SOON ) 

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